Ad Infinitum

2009 | May — June
Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture | Spokane WA

Exhibit title: Between Silences

hand drizzled hot glue, motion-activated sound recording
site-specific sculpture installation
space/dimensions variable ± 36′ length x

This exhibit was a re-configuration of Ad Infinitum, a site-specific sculpture created at the Boise Art Museum (2008).  An original score of algorithmic music  accompanied the artwork, and was activated by viewers as they moved the installation.  The digitized recording was created Dr. Robert Dickow, a music professor at the University of Idaho.



This time-lapse video Between Silences 48 Hours was produced by enthusiastic museum staff to capture the changes in light and shadow during a 48-hour period, with emphasis on the crystal-like qualities of the hot glue when drenched with sunshine. (NOTE: Because of copyright restrictions, the background music for this video is NOT the original score created for the installation.)