2014 | Aug 23—Nov 12
Sun Valley Center for the Arts | Ketchum, Idaho

chenille stems| shadow | colored gels
site-specific sculpture installation
space/dimensions variable ± 15′ length x 15′ width x 12′ height

I was invited to create an a site-specific installation as part of a multidisciplinary project titled “Forests, Foraging and Fires.” The project’s goal is to generate an in-depth conversation about our relationship to one of our most significant natural resources. The forest has become an explosive tinderbox as years of drought and fire suppression policies have increased the threat of danger. While there is nothing quite as mesmerizing as fire, I was inspired to respond to the billowing smoke arising from flames and darkening skies during the 2013 Beaver Creek Fire in Hailey, ID.  My intent was to evoke a visceral environment with a tactile presence of permeability and density as seemingly temporal and ineffable as smoke.

Billowing art installation in utero
Art gallery billows with 20,000 pipe cleaners

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