Disaster averted, just barely

Day Three: Not in my worst nightmare could I have predicted the collapse of Intertwined during its making. But it happened, without warning. I was speechless. The suspended mass of twine ripped from its anchors as I was working the twine into a downhill turn. Luckily, when the fuzzy beast came down, I was able to lay it gently on the floor.

I was too stunned to feel anything—except gratitude that the thing didn’t implode. My baling wire armatures held. My dowels? Not so much. I also didn’t have enough anchor lines.  Who’d a thought twine could be so heavy. Luckily, two guardian angels, named Paul and Hugo, came to my rescue in a flurry and helped me gird the work—properly.

The upside of my near-catastrophe was having more flexibility for re-shaping the form into a more aesthetically pleasing contour. And of course, I learned a critical lesson about engineering armatures and securing anchor lines. Sigh.