Peek-a-boo DVD with poem

IMG_6426Day Day Five: Intertwined had a soft opening today at the Method Gallery noon to 5 pm. Everything came together exactly at 11:55 am.  Signage—check. Floor swept—check. Artist statement framed—check. The getting-ready energy flowed beautifully all morning.

The crown jewel was my DVD projection unit—hung next to my poem. The box frame with its 4″ x 6″ viewing window looks better than I imagined. Thanks to artist, wizard and co-curator Paul McKee. He despises dangling extension cords, and knows how to make them disappear.

He kindly drilled a hole in the wall and re-routed the DVD player’s wiring to the utility room so the projection frame seems to float on the gallery wall.  The video shows the finger-looping process I used to create the work.