Surfacing in Laramie

Laramie SurfacingSome people surf.  I surface.

Surfacing is an obsession, especially when I travel. It’s the word I use for taking closeup photos of surfaces that I encounter—anywhere and everywhere.  Peeling wood, eroded sidewalks, mildewed paper, rusted posts, reflective windows.  The list is long, getting longer.

Just about any surface appeals as a visual study.  I relish composing them just so, before snapping the shutter. I fantasize about using my surfacings as bait for drawings or printmaking. Sooner, than later

No matter.  I soak up simple joy when focusing the lens of my eye and the lens of my camera on delicacies of shadow, reflection, line, pattern,form and texture.  Every glance here and there reveals new possibilities.

Capturing these images must enliven my consciousness in some fundamental way. Which is why I take a gazillion photographs.  Which creates another level of tasks—photo management. I’ve decided maybe Flickr could be useful.

Click to a batch of my Laramie Surfacings.

One response to “Surfacing in Laramie

  1. I love this blog post! and your quote…”some people surf, I surface” OMG!
    that’s it! You are such an artist!! Creative genius embodied. I love you Gerri Sayler!

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