Cowboy town radio interview

Bronze CowboyI couldn’t resist featuring this bronze sculpture for my post about today’s radio interview on Laramie Live. In this town, the cowboy motif is everywhere—nearly as ubiquitous as clouds.

Talk About Your Cowboy / D. Michael Thomas

This morning, I was interviewed for ten minutes about Interstitial on KOWB 1290 AM “Laramie Live” during the morning drive time.  What a great chance to kick back and relish the fact that I’ve finished trimming Interstitial’s contours.  Not surprisingly, I got a little slap happy.  I blame it on my inner cowgirl!

My interview host, Kari Eakins, was enthusiastic and easy to talk with, so much so that I bared my soul about  “installation mishaps” at the end of Week #2. WHY did I do that?  Maybe to cauterize my embarrassment?  Not sure.

The first mishap  involved a cup of white paint. Working across the space, I’d been touching up nails on the skylight beams that were used to string the grid.  The nails were barely visible, but against the white ceiling, they popped into view like black dots on dice.  Well, I managed to spill the paint on the floor, the lift and me!  So much for my obsessive tendencies!  A messy cleanup operation.

The next day was even more humbling.  Working on the last skylight beam, I lost track of slope height and drove the back end of the lift into sheetrock facing of the lowest sloped beam.  Thirty minutes later, I managed to pop another dent.  Patch jobs required.  All is good now, except for my red face.

Later, I thought to myself, there must be tips for artists that caution against such extreme honesty during on-air interviews.  Oh well!

If you’re interested, cow can listen to the archived interview KOWB 1290 AM Laramie Live..  Scroll down the page to Tuesday, June 5 and clicking on the link.  Note:  You’ll have to grin and bear 10 minutes of local chit-chat before the interview.