Coming out about Interstitial: Between Earth and Sky

Interstitial_Gerri Sayler ArtistA Google alert stared at me from the inbox when I turned on my computer this morning. Click! A news release:  UW Museum presents Interstitial: Between Earth & Sky. I’m always interested in what people have to say about my work.  Curator Susan Moldenhauer writes: “Gerri has created a work of enormous beauty and poetry.”

Ah … a nice thought. I like that she spoke of my art in the same breath as poetry.  Maybe because I like to read and write poetry, when I’m not making art or thinking about it.  Maybe because poetry enchants, pulls me into moments of reverie every now and again. Enchantment is good for the soul.

Topping my list of favorite poets: Rumi.  Although Mary Oliver runs a close second as a contemporary enchantress. Rumi: The Big Red Book has been on my nightstand since I returned home from Laramie. That’s because I heard a marvelous interview about the Sufi’s poetry with translator Coleman Barks on Wyoming Public Radio.

The Way of the Heart with Rumi” was broadcast on New Dimensions Media, which I happily discovered broadcasts online and offers an extensive archive list of free podcasts downloadable on iTunes.