I’ve been listed in Art in America

Art in America 2012 Annual Guide

I may not have ever known—except by chance.

My hubby visited the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago two weeks ago when attending a conference. In the museum bookstore, he spotted a copy of The Art in America 2012 Annual Guide to Galleries, Museums and Artists on the magazine rack.

Just for the heck of it, he looked for my name in the alpha directory of artists. Shock of shocks, there it was — page 253 — my name in tiny bold letters. And again on page 207 under the University of Wyoming Art Museum and its list of previously exhibited artists, right next to one of my favorite contemporary artists, Judy Pfaff.

After getting home, he walked through the front door with a copy in hand, a full-fledged grin on his face: “Honey, I’ve got a surprise for you!” I was flabbergasted. No kidding !!!

I have no idea of how or why the distinction. Must be the guide includes all artists who exhibited at US galleries or museums during the previous year? Maybe their names get popped into a giant data base for putting together the guide?

In any case, this highly-coveted annual guide is considered an indispensable resource, stuffed with anything and everything artists, curators, critics and collectors might want to know about who’s who or what’s what on the national art scene. It’s published each year in August.

For established artists, this listing would not likely be a big deal. But for me, a new artist? How could it not be? It is. Thank you, University of Wyoming Art Museum and Curator Susan Moldenhauer. If it hadn’t been for you …

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