Making waves, the rise and fall of art

Gerri Sayler working on lift to install hot glue exhibit titled Numinous at Spurgeon Art GalleryI’m one of those people who speak with their hands.  That makes it tricky to work on a lift, while explaining my art installation at the same time. But thinking out loud today helped me clarify  where I was going and how I was going to get there.

It’s easy to lose my bearing while I’m 15 feet in the air and trying to navigate my sea of glue strands. The horizon line disappears into the pair of overlapping wrap-around curves that I am making. Which is great, since blurring lines and skewing perception are exactly what I’m hoping to do with this art installation.

It won’t be possible to see the installation as a whole, only assimilated as fragments. As viewers moves in, around and through the work, they will likely sense—rather than see—the tiers of strands. Perhaps they’ll experience an unsettling sensation that’s not unlike being engulfed by cresting waves. That’s my hope.