Then came red, my shining line of fire

Once the black mesh was in place, I had a second bout of stage fright. Aesthetically, Terra Ignis could easily stand on its own. Without the red! The realization unsettled me for awhile, as I walked through the installation. I was mesmerized by the black mesh and flowing shadows, the spare aesthetic power.

long view of shadows of Terra Ignis art installation by Gerri Sayler at Nicolaysen Art MuseumAfter waffling, however, came the knowing: I didn’t want to mesmerize, I wanted to captivate! To do that, I had to pump life into the bare, black bones of the installation. The work needed the passion I associate with the fiery of a volcano. “Follow the work,” I told myself, “follow the work.”

Here are images from Stage Two: Adding the Red.

See also Stage One:  In the Beginning was Black.