Invitation by Method Gallery

Method Gallery.jpgEight months ago, I was invited by the Method Gallery in Seattle to create a site-responsive exhibit. It will open May 29 and run through July 2. The gallery is part of Pioneer Square, which has the largest concentration of galleries in the city.  It is non-commercial, experimental, process-based. 

I relish the invitation! Especially after last year’s hiatus from sculpting when I focused entirely on teaching workshops—Expressive Mark Making and Sculpting with Mesh.

Why did I take a break to teach?  Because to teach is to learn, and to learn is to do. Because I was hoping the spontaneity of mark making would help me overcome my lifelong fear of drawing. I spent a huge chunk of time in the studio making expressive marks on paper. 

It helped, and I want to do more, a lot more.  But for now, I’m ready to ready to return to my preferred artistic mode—creating installation. It’s a bonus to have project waiting in the wings for my return to sculpture.The curators encouraged me to do “whatever,” which means fibers.  I’m addicted. It’s high time to get crackin’ as my father used to say.