The Guest Bedroom Gallery

IMG_5674.jpgToday: a eureka moment! My studio has wonderful light—actually the best light our 130-year old house has to offer.  But its wall space is limited. Worse, the ceiling isn’t suited to suspending work.  This became a huge problem today becaused I want to suspend the twined clusters as a contoured mass, and wanted to know if that idea could work. 

So I decided to transform our guest room into a gallery. Despite two dormers, it has a rock hard ceiling.  I don’t know why I hadn’t thought to do it before.  (Henceforth, the room shall be known as the Guest Bedroom Gallery.) 

What I learned: finger-looped twine clusters are heavy and impossibly floppy!  They have a mind of their own, and do not respond kindly to strong-arm tactics. Thankfully, my old friend—baling wire—came to the rescue.  I snipped and twisted the wire into mini armatures that I tucked into the suspended mass of drooping things.  That way, I was able “to lift and separate” (to quote from the old Maidenform bra commercial).  

Problem solved.