Ideas evolve to concept

There’s nothing like a grant deadline to force structure on swirling ideas.  I spent the day trying to formalize my plans for the Method Gallery to submit with a grant application to the Idaho Commission on the Arts.  Due today — DONE! 

Intertwined Concept Sketch

Essentially, Intertwined will be a soft-sculpted installation comprised of 12 miles of sisal twine. I plan to finger loop the twine in my studio, intertwine the daisy-chained twine into hundreds of clusters and bag them for transport.  On site, I’ll assemble the twine, layering the clusters into varying densities onto simple wire armatures.

Suspended from the ceiling, the sculpture will seem to flow through the gallery space as a fibrous, contoured landscape and flow gently to the floor.  It will grow incrementally and sequentially, accumulating countless body and hand gestures—not unlike the way nature grows itself through repetition and aggregation.