To let wind do the sculpting

Streamers and stakes? Without knowing, my ‘scientific’ observations morphed into a visual that functioned like a sculptural maquette for me. For days, I’ve watched the line of wind currents translated in fabric. Concept revealed — hooray!

Even the site works. Precisely where hill and pond come together at a juncture of trails. Writing the word ‘juncture’ just now resonated for me like a vortex of energy.  X marks the spot!  Situated below the Artist Studio, where my poet friend does her writing.

Here’s my thinking: attach panels of white silk to a dozen ten-foot posts letting the wind sculpts its silhouette moment to moment.  The sculpture would animate the hillside with a never-ending play of sensuous, free-flowing forms, reminiscent of clouds, shifting from calm to chaos.

Silk moves beautifully with the slightest of air movements. This I know, after creating a backdrop of silk streamers for a dance collaboration during my Holden Village artist residency in March.

Featherweight, the silk will respond to subtle fluctuations, revealing the wind’s complexity, everything from calm to chaos. Outdoors, against the sun, I’m guessing white silk might become almost gossamer, transparent. Nothing better to speak of something so intangible as wind, which has no color of its own.

And it shall be called Wind Cloud Sky. Like flags—but not like flags! I imagine the fabric panels dancing freely, diving, spinning, twirling, just as the streamers did. I’ll need to rig a contraption of sorts. Note to self: technical issues ahead!