Towering wind art at the sea

art installation by Daniel Buren

During another frenzied browse of Google images, I stumbled onto this work of French conceptual artist Daniel Buren. It was created for the Beaufort 03 Contemporary Art by the Sea exhibition in De Haan, Belgium. After a heart-thumping moment of exhilaration, I quickly searched for more information about his artwork, and discovered he has a lengthy history with the Guggenheim.

Here’s how the website explains his work:

Daniel Buren’s exhibitions and installations are conceived and created solely from their architectural and institutional settings. Buren uses the term “in situ” to describe the relationship between his work and the sites where they take place. A work in situ exists only in relation to the specific place that prompted it. In his work, Buren addresses characteristics of the host space and, in doing so, tends to transform it.

Photo credit: Guggenheim / New York