Making artistic play of wind

outdoor art installation inspired by wind by Maia Anthea Marninelli

Too much feasting of Google images!  I was about to shut down my computer when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw this: The Wind Playground. Clearly a joy to experience, the kinetic, interactive sculpture, drawing on the physicality of wind, is the work of artist Maria Anthea Marinelli. The aspiring young artist merged her lifelong passion and knowledge of sailing for her 2013 Sculpture by the Sea Cottesloe in Australia.

Wind PlaygroundThe artist describes the multi-color maze of wind tunnels as “the Venturi effect in a party dress.” She’s speaking of a law of physics that dictates the rate of speed of a fluid (or in this case, wind) flowing through a tube increases as the tube narrows at one end, while the pressure decreases. Thus, puffing up of the tubed segments of this art, so the viewer (or rather, participant) experiences the acceleration of wind within the structure.