Surprise collaboration with a poet

PCEI has a poet-in-residence, Karen Trujillo. She writes in a little cabin, lovingly dubbed the Artist Studio.  Meeting today by chance, we quickly fell into a lengthy conversations about the spirit of place here—wind grasses clouds—as she’s observed through the seasons from her bird’s eye view of the grounds.

We decided to collaborate for Artwalk. She’ll write poetry and display photographs, and I’ll create my sculpture as a celebration to the wind.

It’s so exhilarating to find someone who doesn’t shy away from speaking of the sublime. She wrote of her interests this way: “the mutability of all that we perceive, ourselves, landscapes, the universe itself—mutability signified so beautifully by the wind and its workings.” Ahhhhh, a kindred spirit.

The encounter feels like déjà vu. Just this past spring, I also found myself unexpectedly involved in collaborative project during an artist residency at Holden Village. It was an awakening! I came to see why the Dadaists trumpeted that collaborating to create new visions has far more value than whatever artwork is produced.

I look forward to more back and forth with Karen, knowing our conversations will move  between the ordinary and the existential as described by Rainer Maria Rilke:

Things aren’t all so tangible and sayable as people would usually have us believe; most experiences are unsayable, they happen in a space that no word has ever entered, and more unsayable than all other things are works of art, those mysterious existences, whose life endures beside our own small, transitory life.

Future topics that seem to lend themselves to poetic and artistic metaphor: Fluctuation. Instability. Unpredictability. Equilibrium. Turbulence. These words, and many others, line the margins of my PCEI notebook.