Out of the blue, a line of red

To draw a line in the grass. Impulse, no forethought. Out of nowhere, came an idea yesterday for a second outdoor sculpture. It happened so fast.

Snooping in the sheds, I saw a handful of twisted lengths of rebar, and thought—hmmmmm.  This could be interesting. I had no idea that you can bend rebar so easily by hand, nor that chunks of water hose could function as connectors.

Here’s the plan: Use scraps of rebar and water hose to create an armature. Cover the structure with fabric sleeves — red cotton.  Stuff with polyfill and twist to create bulges. Tension with baling wire so the work sways gently in the wind.

Voilà! A sculptural line of eye-popping color that seems to dance above the grass.  Pure whimsy. I’m calling the piece Line Dancing.