Paper pulp as faux basalt

© 2016 Gerri Sayler Intertwined 26Today, today I took a break from finger-looping twine to assemble a mock up of my experiments with paper pulp in my newly dubbed Guest Bedroom Gallery. 

The grey mottled crustiness of the paper pulp mimics the basaltic formations of the Channeled Scablands, which inspired this installation from the get-go. It seems am ideal textural counterpoint to the finger-looped twine and unraveled twine fibers. My thought is camoflauge the gallery’s far corner using a combination of hand looped twine, unraveled twine fibers and paper pulp.

Until I get into the space, I won’t know for certain how to proceed.  But my sense is that by “materializing” the far corner as I’ve done at home,  I will not only create an illusion of distance in the gallery, but also draw the viewer to deeper into the space.