Unloading the goods

© 2016 Gerri Sayler Intertwined 25Day Zero:  Sunday in the heart of Pioneer Square — yea — free parking right smack in front of Method Gallery. Not bad. I’m stunned that I was able to squeeze all 12 miles of my finger-looped twine clusteres into four 24″ x 24″ x 18″ cardboard boxes. Loose in my studio, the piles of twine looked like mountains. How could I have known that everything would fit into the back of our Pontiac Vibe.  It takes my breath away, that sort of inner knowing (and/or luck).

I packed the twine clusters into 13-gallon kitchen bags, using my body a full-court body press to squeeze out all the air, before quickly taping the bags shut and wrapping them tight. They looked like giant packs of frozen bread dough. Here is everything I brought with me to the gallery to create Intertwined, except for the backpack of tools that missed the shot.

Tomorrow, I begin.