I’m savoring the memory of last night’s Artwalk reception. Great food, great turnout. But what I’ll always remember was my triumph over troubles.

Two days ago, when I arrived back in town from our trip to the Southwest, I found the silks of Wind Cloud Sky in great disrepair. Several had tangled and twisted themselves into a hopeless mess. A few had snapped off their dowels and lay in the grass.

Long story short: I needed to find a way to fly the silk panels higher, away from the rigging’s clutching claws.

Solution? Tiny bungy cords. They added length and flexibility. I made the changes and had the installation rippling away—just in the knick of time—an hour before the first guests arrived.

A big whew! PS In retrospect, I’m struck by how Line Dancing came together without thought and had zero technical issues. In contrast to my problematic Wind Cloud Sky, which took weeks to emerge as a concept. Just trying to make sense.